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Indonesia is the number one exporter of commodities in Australia for ornamental fish and enter the top five countries exporting fishery products to Australia, besides India, Thailand and Vietnam. Australia therefore see the importance of Indonesia's role in the transaction fishery and marine products has indirectly encouraged the growth of Australian Ornamental Fish Industry in a positive direction.

Seeing it all, some time ago the Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) sends inspectors to Indonesia to further strengthen bilateral relations between Indonesia- Australia Competent Authority. For Indonesia, Competent  Authority represented by the Fish Quarantine, and Inspection Agency (FQIA), Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. The Australia’s team consists of Dr. Yuko Hood, Dr. Kelly Gross, and Dr. Allain Mooney.

Chief of Australia’s Inspector Team, Yuko Hood,  pointed out that their arrival to Indonesia is to strengthen the good relations between the two countries institutions, in addition to visits to various relevant agencies. They also make a visit to some of the major exporters of ornamental fish to Australia in Jakarta and Bali for 2 (two) weeks.

Within two weeks of the team's agenda include reviewing laboratory and other ancillary facilities, implementation of operational systems Procedure (SOP) on the activities of the service and the process of import-export traffic in commodities at Balai Besar KIPM Jakarta I and  Balai Uji Standar KIPM dan Balai Besar KIPM Kelas I Denpasar.

On a visit to some of the ornamental fish exporters in Jakarta and Bali, the observation focused on the application of bio-security, support facilities and systems of work / SOP and documentation system.

Of visits and observations made during the two-week period, the Autralia inspection team to recommend FQIA. In Recommendation submitted a few things like that in general, the application of the system of laboratory services and publishing deals have been running the International standards, be transparent with the support of skilled resources, facilities information system that has been well establish and laboratory facilities are very adequate. This proves that FQIA as competent authority has a strong commitment to support any activity of the authority so the system could run well at Technically Implementation Unit in the area.

Meanwhile, from the results of inspections in business premises owned exporters ornamental fish is done, the inspection team expressed that basically the application of the principles of biosecurity and HACCP has run very well on-farm farm there with a clear implementation of SOP, supported by documentation that good though in some farm.  Although the mechanism for this documentation still to be improved but is not crucial.

In addition to recommendations Teams also provide suggestions related to the application of HACCP principles and Biosecurity in order to be more active in disseminating BKIPM again to the owners of the farm to the formation of consciousness would it be better to directly / indirectly be mempenggaruhi exports increasing frequency.  As well as testing data suggest that the disease can be documented and published in English. Increased bilateral Indonesia - Australia should be improved not only related to export activities - but also can import lab network as cooperation has DAFF laboratory network in Australia is very strong.

Although the findings of the inspection Australia team has been in line with expectations, did not make us all in FQIA then complacent because there are some things that should be continued improvement and development to improve the performance of the more PRIMA. It will direct the development of industrialization mempenggaruhi Fisheries and Marine Indonesia itself. FQIA was in the vanguard behind in export activity - import but FQIA have functions that are crucial and decisive in every activity of exports and imports. (Earbay).

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