South Kalimantan Governor Urges Central Goverment Stop Fish Imports

Rabu, 14 September 2011 09:03,

South Kalimantan Governor Rudy Ariffin wish there were regulations regarding the reduction or cessation of import fish from neighboring countries to encourage fishermen to increase production to meet the needs of aquaculture national fish.

"There should be regulation of the central government would dare to close the taps of fish imports so that the public are encouraged fish production", said Governor in Banjarmasin, on Monday (12/9).

The statement conveyed the governor answered questions about the preparation of South Kalimantan to meet contract deliveries of fish to some other areas such as the DKI Jakarta, which will begin on 14 September 2011.

According to him, South Kalimantan is one area that has great potential for development of fish like catfish that are still imported from other countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.

Because of the potential for regional fisheries have not worked optimally and systematically in accordance with the standards set so that the results have not been up and can not compete with imported products.

In fact, added the Governor, South Kalimantan fish farmers, especially catfish farmers is able to produce super quality as the market demand in DKI Jakarta and some other areas, provided that fostered properly.

According to him, one of the concerns of local or regional fish penambak is no market as they have done on a large-scale production. "In the future the potential will continue our push to improve the welfare of the community," he said


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