3 Years in Prison For Illegal Arowana Fish Exporters

Senin, 18 April 2016 08:07,

Thursday / 14 April 2016 Housed in the Office of Quarantine Fish Jakarta I, Head of Fisheries Quarantine and its staff held a Press conference related to the efforts fragment of arowana fish tail 1171 with the purpose of export to Singapore.Arowana fish is estimated to be worth USD 1.946 billion economy that are still being held in Jakarta I BKIPM installation, Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Expressed by Chief BKIPM, Rina, Jakarta I Tim on March 29, 2016 at 23:00 pm, as usual quarantine inspection documents of fishery commodities from Pekan Baru, Riau. "In the document states contain the shipment form of fish Botia. After examination by officers BKIPM Jakarta I turned out the contents of items in the document are the Arowana fish, "said Rina.

Rina also revealed, for the offense Arowana exporters could face jail sentences of three years or a fine of Rp 150 million (Animal Quarantine Act and the Fish). "Therefore we are constantly working to improve supervision of the implementation of the pillars of the overall strategic objectives, both in the control of pests and diseases of fish, quarantine, quality control, and safety of fishery products and the control of biosafety fish," said Rina.
As the competent authority which in charge at the countries  entries and exit point, BKIPM also implement control systems on the prevention of CITES export / import of fishery products which not meet the requirements and minimize rejection export partner countries. "On the implementation of control systems at the Cites late March BKIPM also managed to secure 793 Golden arowana tail is 10 cm size are included in Cites Appendix 1. We also managed to secure 378 tail Silver Brazil Arowana with size of 5-10 cm, and throughout 2015 have foiled BKIPM traffic commodity that is not in accordance with provisions of Rp 107.5 billion. Commencing from January to March 2016 She also managed to secure the fishery commodities is not in accordance with provisions of Rp 99.5 billion. Added BKIPM Director to  end up the Press Conference.

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